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Pardon the mess as I continue to get my site presentable, but my cards are now found off DW! o/ I don't use the etcg trade form, however, so please keep commenting here to trade.

Currently on hiatus, but I'll still accept trades here and might do the odd game here and there - I'm just going to be slow and far less involved than previous.

stuff to be moved/that's just going to live right here:
february pog
march pog
completed sketchpads/portfolios

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SORRY TO CREEP THROUGH LIKE THIS ON YOUR FIRST DAY IN but I was wondering if I could interest you in anything for your saru11?

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for regain01 ?
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You said you were interested in Shin Megami Tenshi so, how do you feel about for your quick20?

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Can I interest you in anything for that henshin09?

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I see you have bearanima08 I happen to have this thing

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Here is your Jinchuu for Kiel's cute face.

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For the two cards you're holding for me.

I'm ridiculously close to completing a fourth sketchpad

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here's your card for orpheus04! :D
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I've got your card for mizar04!

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hi sam!! for carmine18?
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for nonchalant15?
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for orichalcos14 ?
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anything from my trade pile for second room02? uwu

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Anything for puppeteer13? :o Just traded lovefreak07, but...

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Anything I could trade you for that janina10?

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totling: (fucking the most goddamn important.)

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what would you take for obnoxious04

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hakuouki delivery wee woo wee woo

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AHHHHHH I was just browsing for trades, okay, and I got here and you have the best Kaoru/Kenshin/Tomoe layout for your decks, I just wanted to say that I really approve! And it makes me glad to have someone else around collecting Kenshin decks. :> I guess I will offer a sig swap, to make this not an entirely useless comment? :O

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Do I have anything you'd take for your weak06 and/or crystal06?

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totling: (not an alcoholic. yyyet.)

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What do you want for toran13

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for your clowndrop12 ♥
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for your pulse16?
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Hi!! Random trade? :D

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