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Jul. 2nd, 2013 11:31 am
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Pardon the mess as I continue to get my site presentable, but my cards are now found off DW! o/ I don't use the etcg trade form, however, so please keep commenting here to trade.

Currently on hiatus, but I'll still accept trades here and might do the odd game here and there - I'm just going to be slow and far less involved than previous.

stuff to be moved/that's just going to live right here:
february pog
march pog
completed sketchpads/portfolios

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not even trade-comming because i will probably fill these all just by commenting in

1) fancastle
2) footwork
3) muscle
4) nagumo
5) kurokami
6) minigun04 for Lita (fancastle01)
7) segway/toying05 for AL (fancastle13)
8) pending for Kira (fancastle20)
9) melphis06 for Nova (fancastle08)
10) greenpearl? or maybe trade out idk.
sp) nohr04 for Eon (fancastle19)

pending fancastle07
pending fancastle11
pending fancastle16, muscle01
pending fancastle04
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Hello, trick-or-treaters! I've got brown candy for you:

To get it, give me your favorite stupid meme. Bring me your grumpycats, Moon Moon, doges, or whatever else tickles your fancy. :V

my own hoard:

Candy log:

Purple Poison: 3x red, 3x orange, 3x blue for neoarcadia06, neoarcadia08, neoarcadia17
Glorious Green: 8x red, 4x yellow, 14x green, 8x blue, 8x purple, 12x brown for scorched06, scorched07, scorched13, scorched17, albhed07, albhed12, renegades01, renegades02, renegades04, renegades08, renegades09, renegades11, renegades19, ones01, ones09, ones13, ones19, thresher06, thresher09, thresher16, thresher19, distrustful04, distrustful08, distrustful10, distrustful15, distrustful16, distrustful20
Ravishly Red: 1x orange, 6x yellow, 1x blue, 6x purple, 3x brown, 3x gray for special deck donation

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gettin' donation copypasta put together here don't mind me
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I have green candy:

To get it, I only ask that you comment with a link to one of your favorite pieces of video game music! Give me something awesome to jam to. (If you don't play video games at all, then just throw the Tetris song at me or something.)

my own haul goes here once I get going on that....
: 1
: 0
: 0
: 0
: 1
: 0
: 0
: 0

Shopping log:
- exchanged 5x green crayons and 5x yellow crayons for 20x green candy and 20x yellow candy

- Purple Poison: spent green x35, yellow x35, orange x2, brown x2, blue x13, gray x13 for polearms02, polearms04, polearms05, polearms08, polearms12, polearms18, polearms19, schwarzwelt02, schwarzwelt07, schwarzwelt09, schwarzwelt11, schwarzwelt16, schwarzwelt19, neshitteru02, neshitteru03, neshitteru04, neshitteru05, neshitteru11, neshitteru13, neshitteru14, neshitteru15, neshitteru18, neshitteru20, chronicle12, chronicle20
- Glorious Green: spent brown x3 for selfish15
- Ravishly Red: spent orange x17 and purple x13 for special deck donation
- Orange Oasis: spent red x22, green x3, blue x5 for double game rewards
- Yummy Yellow: spent yellow x4 and brown x11 for double sketchpad rewards

Candy log:

next: 8/20

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SHIT I NEED AND CANNOT FIND ON PAB RIGHT NOW to see if I can root up elsewhere:

light grey corner plate 45 Deg. 3x3 (4211361)
quantity: 4

black wrench (4143199)
quantity: 1

grey 1x1 nose cone (4529241)
quantity: 2 (subbing in dark grey for now)

grey 2x2 plate w/ jumper (4565393)
quantity: 2 (I think I have these in white though?)

dark red flat tile 1x4 (4539060)
quantity: 4 (sub in brick red or reddish brown?)

dark red 1x2 plate w/ 1 knob (4539063)
quantity: 3 (sub in brick red or reddish brown?)

green roof tile 1x2x2/3 (6000071)
quantity: 2 (sub 4 1x1s?)

light grey plate 2x4x18° (4507056)
quantity: 2 (sub in dark grey or white for now)
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THIS IS A CANDY POST, in the interest of not cluttering up my cards!


I have no special conditions. Get in, get candy. \o/ Although, in Gin-sensei's honor, if you'd like to share your favorite tidbit of weird science with me, you can certainly do that!

NOPE all done.

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